The following groups represent just a few
of our more popular ensembles.

If you would like to hear a group that's not listed here, or need additional samples, please let us know. We would be delighted to send you further examples of Just Jazz musicians at work.

Solo Guitar

Perfect for smaller, more intimate settings.

Solo Piano

Best when there is a real piano at the event, although an electric keyboard can also suffice.

Guitar Trio (guitar/bass/drums)

Our most popular trio, this group works in various settings ranging from intimate up to mid-sized events. 

Piano Trio (piano/bass/drums)

Similar in function to the guitar trio, this group works best when there is a real piano at the venue.

Guitar Quartet (guitar/bass/drums/saxophone)

The saxophone takes the guitar trio to the next level and works well in larger events.

Piano Quintet (piano/bass/drums/saxophone/trumpet)

With quintets and above, these groups provide ample musical presence to command the attention of guests.

Female Vocalist

When a vocalist is added to the group, the music immediately becomes front-and-center because our ears are attuned to the human voice.

Male Vocalist

Each of our vocalists have their own distinct styles, yet all are well-versed in the jazz idiom and happy to sing your favorite song!

Organ Quartet (organ/guitar/drums/saxophone)

A specialty group, this quartet lays down the funky grooves from the 1960s!

Bossa Nova Groups

These sounds and rhythms come from Brazil in the 1960s. Our musicians love to play this repertoire!

Latin Jazz Groups

Originating from Cuba, many of our groups sprinkle this type of music throughout their performances.

Specialized Jazz

Solo "Stride" Piano

A specialty piano offering made popular in the 1930s, the "stride" style is more active than the classic jazz piano prevalent since then.

Hot Jazz of the 1930s

This music originated in Paris and is most closely associated with the guitar of Django Reinhardt. The quartet here consists of two guitars, clarinet & bass. Sometimes vocals are added to this group, as well.